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This site is dedicated to help you discover Medellin, Colombia and provide information on Colombian Visas.  Please take advantage of my sites by using all the links.

Here's my story........

Several years ago I was living in Central American and was concerned about the rising crime rate and negative attitude toward foreigners. I was ready to move back to the United States when I met a beautiful woman from Colombia.
She told me about her magical city and convinced me to visit Medellin.  The next day I booked a flight on Copa Airlines and flew to Medellin on a wing and a prayer.  I arrived at Jose Maria Cordova airport (MDE) late at night and was met by a Medellin, personal driver from the hotel I was staying at.  His name was Jose and he only spoke a few words of English.

I've heard and read many stories about how dangerous Colombia can be and started to doubt my decision to visit.  The first thing that put me at ease was Jose. He had a  sincere  smile, friendly handshake and was eager to learn more about me and what I thought of his beautiful City.  On the short drive (30 minutes) to the Hotel Jose and I became good friends.  When we arrived at the hotel I said good-bye and thanked him after paying 37,000 pesos ($15.41=2400 pesos per dollar, at that time).  It was very late so I checked into my room and fell asleep. 

I awoke early before coffee was available so I walked a few blocks to MacDonald's.  Yes, McDonald's, and I noticed everyone was looking at me!  It wasn't long before I realized Medellin residents had only seen a few Americans.  Everyone was curious and anxious to start a conversation with me.  I said hello to everyone, "Buenos Dias," and always received a greeting in return along with a friendly smile.   Those who were bold enough, and most were, didn't hesitate to start a conversation or ask if they could practice their English with me.  It didn't take long before I started to feel like a Rock Star with all this attention!  After many hellos and conversations my coffee was served.  While looking for a table the manager approached me to talk.  He didn't speak English but summoned an employee who did.  I about fell off my chair when the manager expressed a warm welcome to Medellin and ask how I liked his city!

It took me less then a day to determine I discovered a Magical City filled with Love and Beautiful people.  I decided to live in Medellin and never returned to Central America.

The decision to visit Medellin was one of the best decisions I've made. Here is another good reason:  Colombian Chicas (Paisas)!

Why I built this website, Medellin Visitor Guide and shared it with the world.

In the 1980s and 90s Medellin was considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.  This is no longer true and today Medellin is considered safer then many American cities.  I love Medellin but unfortunately many people are still under the impression that safety has not improved.  With that in mind I decided to take action and provide information that would change the belief that Medellin was just to dangerous to visit. 

I decided the best way to accomplish my objective was to provide up-to-date information (in English) about Medellin, Colombia.  That's why I built, its affiliate sites, and shared it with the World.
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